Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

Gaining weight is easy for someone and it hard also for someone. We think that gaining weight is a very simple technique only we have to eat more but it is very important to make it safe and healthy. I have seen many people their quick weight  gain and they have some serious problem like thyroid, gyna, stretch marks in skin etc. In my recent article we tell about effective way to gain weight in an  naturally  way read this it is also very helpful.

best diet plan for weight gain

Tips For Gaining Weight:-

• increase calorie intake in your diet.

• Increase The Number Of Meals(min 6 meals in a day).

• High Proteins Along With Calories.

• Weight Gain Supplements.

• Take proper rest.

• Workout To Gain Weight.

  1. increase calorie intake in your diet-first you have to increase calories intake in your diet like eat 2-time rice in a day and take food items which increase your calories .because calories also help you in gaining weight.
  2. Increase the number of meals – many of the people don’t take the proper meal and they want to gain their weight. If you want to gain weight you have to take proper 6 meals or more than it. take shrt short meals 6 times in a day it will help you to gaining weight.many of the people doesn’t take breakfast and eat a lot in lunch and they also have the same problem why my weight doesn’t gain so take breakfast, lunch and dinner properly in order to gaining weight.
  3. High protein along with the calories – see you have to take enough protein along with the calories if you have confusion so I will clear it , I will tell you a shake which gives you a high amount of protein and a good amount of calories see the image below try this shake it will help to gaining weight.
best diet plan for weight gain
  1. Weight Gain Supplements – some of the people who doesn’t have time to take a proper meal and they want to gain then I will suggest them for taking weight gaining supplement like weight gainers, creatine etc but I will suggest you if you have time take food , eggs or many other.
  2. Take proper rest. If you want to gaining weight you have to take proper rest . 7-8 hour rest is a must for your body . if you take rest enough so easily your weight is gain .
  3. Workout To Gain Weight– workout is also play a important role while you gaining weight. We know that 30% is the gym and 70% diet , diet is important for gaining weight. So how should your workout you have to do workout with heavy weight and less repletion , suppose you are doing biceps so you have to take heavy weight ( not so much heavy according to your ability. ) your position must be accurate, suppose you will take 10 kg dumbbell in each hand and do only 8-10 reps per hand. That type of workout help you to gain your muscle as well as your weight.
Now i a giving you a best diet plan for gaining weight :-
effective diet plan for weight gain
effective diet plan for weight gain

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