Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

If you are a beginner or we can say that you newly joined the gym and your daily routine is so busy full of stress and you don’t have time to take proper macronutrients (PROTEIN, CARBS, FATS)  then  you will go towards supplements but you don’t know which supplements are best for you, in Indian generally totally depend on the gym trainer they blindly trust on them and taking wrong supplements and take risk from their health. So So today I am telling you about 3 best supplement for beginner and it is totally safe. but if you have time and you take a good diet and take all essential macronutrients from your diet so you don’t take any of the supplements before 1 year or 6 months.

best supplement for beginner

Why we need Supplement?:-

We all know that if we have a very busy schedule and we didn’t take proper macronutrients so supplements give the necessary nutrients to build muscle. There is also a drawback of supplement i.e. it can also be expensive so if you are taking them long term you need to keep that.

So the 3 best supplement for beginner:-

Whey Protein:-

Generally, there is three type of protein whey, soy, casein all three have their different usage but if you are a beginner so whey protein is best for you. it not give a huge strength nor it increase your size quickly, The only work of whey protein is that  after workout all the stress on your muscle and the fiber which is present in your muscle is broken then you will give extra protein to recovery it fast because whey is fast digest in your body and quickly repair the fiber present in your muscle so it is the best  supplement for beginner to recovering their muscle fast .

best supplement for beginner


It is also a simple supplement and beginners easy take it without any agitate , creatine is not a steroid nor any other dangerous supplement it is world most researched supplement it has so many benefits , basically when you do strength training or weight training or lifting your body produce energy from ATP, so the creatine increase the quantity of ATP for a certain period of time so if your ATP increase so your ability to produce energy is also increase. When people start creatine so it helps to increase strength. So when your strength increases it helps to grow your muscle.

best supplement for beginner

The main thing is that creatine hydrate your body. So it increase intracell (present in your muscle ) water retention which helps to hydrate your muscle, so if you use creatine you should drink enough of water if you don’t do that so, you may have a problem like dehydration, stomach cramp.


It is the most unused supplement,  because most of the people don’t know it benefits, In my point of view  it is very essential for all of us not only for those who will do gym but it also for  office person, house wife’s  and kids (more than 5 years) generally in Indians because our personal hygiene is not good  . Mainly in the cities we buy vegetables from the shop we don’t know where it comes from , we cannot say that all vegetables are not good but the journey from farm to shop then to us many of the micronutrients(VITAMINS, MINERALS) missing from vegetables, those micronutrients is essential metabolism and functioning of our body. So you can take any multivitamin it is not compulsory to take an expensive multivitamin you can take any multivitamin.

best supplement for beginner

So, we recommended these best supplement for beginner you can take it.

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