Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

Reduce face fat is too much as difficult  as cut belly fat . you can easily burn belly fat by doing many of the exercises but it is not same with face fat . You also need to consume calories for your whole body, which will enable you to lose fat on face, since spot decrease is unimaginable as per any book of scriptures for weight reduction.

best way to reduce face fat

Some people say that in video or in some article that remove fat in 2 hr or in 5 min so they all are liars . from where fat is come on my face when our body fat % is increase so fat is on face and our face look like a chubby face mainly women face this problem according to men . so when we want to reduce face fat first we drop our body fat % so I will tell you some exercise which help you to lose your face fat but you also have to reduce your body fat. So it is the easiest wait to reduce fat.

Workout for lose face fat:-

• Blowing balloons:

blow balloon

Blowing balloons helps a for in your cheeks. In the event that you don’t have any gathering arranged simply imagine you are blowing a balloon and finish the breathing daily schedule. it will help you to cut your face fat.

• Make Fish Face:

best way to reduce face fat

Suck your cheeks inside and make a face like fish. Take a stab at professing to be a fish. it will pressurarize your chicks that help you to cut face fat.

• Laughter therapy:

laughter therapy

The harder you chuckle the more the muscles will exercise. laugh  as much as you can. Its useful for your blood flow, as well as your psychological and emotional health.

• Hot Towel Massage:

hot towel massage

Soak a towel in boiling water and rub your face with it. IT helps loosing the face muscles.

• Chewing gum:

best way to reduce face fat

Chew gum for 20 mins ordinary. It will assist you with loosing added fat in your jaw and lower cheeks.

• The Hindi Swarmala :

hindi swarnmala

Hope you know the ‘swars’ in Hindi dialect. Its ‘aaaaa’ ‘eeeee’ ‘uuuu’ ‘oooo’ ‘aeeee’ ooouuuuu’. Utilize these and spread your mouth as much as you can while reciting these. This will encourage a great deal.

• Facial massage:

best way to reduce face fat

These massage enable you to loosen up your muscles and is great approach to shed out the extra skin.

• Face yoga:

face yoga

On the off chance that we can have shaping for the cleavage, yoga for the face shouldn’t amaze you. In addition? It encourages you decrease comfort fat, as well as fixes your skin, helps battle wrinkles and gives you shining skin.

• Gargling:


The simple  activity to do first thing in morning.and the exact opposite thing around evening time. You could do it all the more often, if you like, for swishing for around 2-3 minutes at customary interim helps extend facial muscles which thus help the decrease of face fat. Gargle and clean your mouth altogether after each meal you have. Take 2 mins added and flush your mouth appropriately. This is a decent exercise for your cheek muscles along your dental health.Chin lift , It is the best way to cut double chin ! keep your head backwards as if staring at the pocket your lips into a kiss , broad your lips as far as possible and hold for 10 seconds . return  and repeat.

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