Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

A good looking upper body area begins with an etched chest, and there’s no better method to accomplish it than with these must-do chest works out. Chest has three type of muscle upper, middle, and lower (we can be called it pecs also ) . So today I am talking about the best workout for lower chest (pecs).

best workout for lower chest

Try not to fall implore the device of disregarding your chest muscles. The muscles in your chest might be littler and less famous than a portion of our other, more-favored muscle gatherings to work (ahem, glutes, biceps, abs), but they’re absolutely essential if you want a well-balanced physique. but some man have high estrogen in their body and their chest look like female chest that’s why we call them man boobs, so if you have any of the first decreases the level of estrogen from  your body then start these workout .many of the people mainly  youngster the lower chest is the most difficult area to fully developed.

When you start your lower chest workout you should boost your training by increasing contraction and intensity by adding technique in your pecs workouts such as drop sets or even negative reps

Drop set:-

It means that lets take example if you lift 40 kg barbell in decline bench and you hit 8 reps and you did not have the energy to do 1 more rep so you could drop the weight by 20 kg and do 7 rep again so, it gives more contraction to your muscle and increase your intensity.

Negative set:-

We all know that chest is push type exercise when we do 40 kg barbell in decline bench and you hit 8 reps and you did not have the energy to do 1 more rep Once the bar touches your chest, your workout partner will provide a very heavy spot to return the bar to the start  position. This motion is again continued Negatives are very hard on your muscle fibers – and you should feel the muscle breakdown quickly there’s no need to do more than three negative sets.


So, I will show you 4 exercise for pecs or we can say that for a lower chest that will give you the best reinforce and shape your pecs:-

1.Decline Bench Press:-

It is the best exercise for your lower chest 

best workout for lower chest

How to do :-

  • Secure your legs toward the finish of the decrease seat and slowly set down on the seat.

  • Using a medium width grip (a hold that makes a 90-degree angle between the lower arms and the upper arms), lift the banish from the rack and hold it straight over you with your arms lock The arms should be opposite to the floor. This will be your beginning position.
  • Breath in while you slow down the bar and touch it with your lower chest.
  • After lift weight slowly brings the bar back to the beginning position and push the bar using your chest muscle (breathe out while pushing the bar).hold a second and then begin slowly again

best workout for lower chest( It should take no less than twice as long to go down than to come up).

2.Decline Dumbbell Press:-

After complete decline bench press, we move onto a decline dumbbell press

best workout for lower chest

How to do :-

  •    Begin by modifying the seat to a 45-degree decrease in connection to the floor.
  •  Take your free weights in either hand at chest level (overhand/bear width).
  •  Presently push the weight far from your chest opposite to the floor.

3.Cable Crossover:-

The next exercise after dumbbell press is cable crossover it really helps to target chest by changing arm position is also for upper chest and middle and lower chest also it totally depends on our arm position.

How to do :-

  • First set the handles at the top of the functional trainer or pulley.
  • Grab the handle in both hands and adjust the weight and stand center of the machine.
  • Pull both handles down of the functional trainer and across your body, it is the first step.
  • Then squeeze your chest muscle in this fully contracted motion and touch both handles while you squeezing it.
  • Slowly reverse to the beginning position keeping bend youbow.

best workout for lower chestDo squeeze your chest in every rep in contracted motion.

4. Dip Bar:-

After doing cable cross over the come into dip bar dip bar is the most effective exercise for your pecs ass well as your triceps also .

best workout for lower chest

How to do :-

  • To get into position grab the handle of dip bar and lift your body into the air with your knees bent and hold yourself up on the bars.
  • Keep your arms directly to straighten your back.
  • Next, twist your elbows, however, keep your arms crushed to your sides and lower your body, halting when your elbows make 90-degree edges. You may fit forward marginally with your abdominal area and look down, yet keep your spine sght.

best workout for lower chestDo a full range of motion. All the up and all the way down.

So these are the best workout for lower chest.