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There is lots of supplements shop in every street of India and many of the ecommerce sites sell it online but  60% of supplement are sold in india is totally fake only 40 % seller sells original supplement. Because  fake supplement is low in cost so many of the youngster and adults also buy this and put our health at risk , because the low price attract them and they did not think about their health. So main problem is that from where we buy original supplement and how to find whether it is real or fake . We suggest that you buy bodybuilding protein, or any other supplement only from genuine dealers of reputed brands  You can also buy bodybuilding supplement online from trusted,we tells  you the simplest way to find fake body building supplement. it is helpful when you buy online or from any of the stores.

how to identify fake supplement

1. Check Seal properly:

The first rule is to check the seal properly if there is no seal then the protein is definitely fake if the box has the seal so first check it out so we can find out the difference between fake or real.

Firstly you have to check the inner side of the lid should be checked carefull.

how to identify fake supplement

•The actual seal on the bottle top should have proper edges and should be properly attached. It should not be open or loose from any side of the box.


how to identify fake supplement

•Box seal have  the name of the brand print on the seal if there is no brand print on it or seal is plain so the protein may be probably fake.

how to recognize fake supplement

2.Check hologram/logo:

The second rule is you should check the logo and hologram before buying the protein supplement, Most of the popular brand has a hologram which is difficult to create. it is the simplest rule to find fake bodybuilding supplement.

Below is an example of Hologram on Optimum Nutrition brand.

hologram and logo

 Examples of fake Logo of Optimum Nutrition-

on fake logo

3. MRP Sticker:

 An easy way to find fake is to check the MRP Sticker, the Fake product usually paste another sticker for the MRP on the box.  it is also an easy way to find fake bodybuilding supplement. The Sticker on the genuine products is as shown below.

mrp sticker

4.Verification of Lot Number:

We can verify genuine product by looking LOT No, So companies provide online services for their Lot number of the product. you can also call the customer care and confirm the lot number of bodybuilding supplements. the fake supplement does have an invalid LOT number. it is the guideline to detect fake bodybuilding supplement.

verification of lot number

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