Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

Importance Of Leg workout:-​

importance of leg workout

•Boosts Metabolism-​

The muscles of the legs are the biggest muscles of the body. Moving huge muscles requires huge energy– which means more calories consumed. Squats and Deadlifts require about each muscle in your body and in this manner require a huge amount of energy to perform. You can do bench press full day but it not increase metabolisms like squats and is also a importance of leg workout.

•Increase growth hormone and Testosterone-

It is scientifically proved that if you want to increase your testosterone naturally so deadlift and squats etc is the best workout for increase testosterone because, if our testosterone increases then our muscle develop and grow faster so without taking any supplement you can increase your testosterone naturally so, it is benefit of leg workout. if your goal to build muscle faster so you should do the leg workout.

•Gain muscle and strength-

I will tell you in above paragraph that if your testosterone increases than your muscle is also increase and how your testosterone increase while doing leg workout , if we want to gain our muscle. So we have to increase our testosterone level and it will increase by supplement also but it will very costly and sometimes it is very dangerous so instead of taking supplement doing leg workout in every week because, it is the natural way to increase testosterone and there is no side effect of it and it is no costly.Only you have to pay your monthly gym fee. So squats and lounges and many of the workout help to increase testosterone that will help to increase your muscle growth.

•Increase Upper-Body strength-

Yes, it is true it helps you to increase the strength of your upper body .while doing deadlift or squats, your arm squeezes the bar hard so it increases your upper body strength also. Try it I will tell you a real incident happen with me. I did not lift the weight of 100 kg in bench press , so I will start doing deadlift thrice in a week so what I get after 4 weeks I will do 4 reps of 110 kg so , it is really work don’t  trust me first doing this  if you realize that it is true so please comment below so last I tell you that leg workout is really helpful to increase our upper body strength.

So people, especially beginners don’t skip leg day.

Benefits of leg day:-

I am writing this article because many of the people mostly beginners who newly joined gym skip leg day they only focus upper body like chest, biceps, shoulder, back etc. The result is horrible after some months they got good biceps and chest but toothpick-like legs, they look like totally dumb. Because good physique means all over body look great. there are many benefits to do the leg workout, firstly I ‘ll tell you Benifits of leg workout . if you are a beginner or a person who always skips leg day after reading this article you never skip leg day.

How Important Are Leg Workout For Muscle Gain ?

What is the genuine sign of a great physique? Is it, peaked biceps? Is it well sharpened sharp abs? Is it rocking round shoulders or a wide thick back? None of those are right. The genuine answer is symmetry. A “Symmetrical Physique” is one in which all body parts stream into one another. Nobody body part or side of the body is greater than the other.

importance of leg workout