Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

Leg day many of the beginner fear from this day or this word also and many of they are always skip leg day it means they only train their upper body and don’t train their legs, so that the result will so creepy or we can say that after 2-3 months they have good upper body with toothpick legs. They even don’t know what is the benefit of leg day. (I was told you  a importance of leg exercise in my previous post you can click here to read this  read this) and always skip leg day to fear about more pain.

leg workout for beginner

So, today I will tell you the best leg workout for beginner this workout is especially for beginners:-

1. Barbell Squat ( 3 sets 10 reps ):-

leg workout for beginner
  • Start with the free weight support on top of traps. The chest ought to be up and the head looking ahead. Embrace a hip-width position with the feet turned out as required.
  • Plunge by flexing the knees, forgoing moving the hips back however much as could reasonably be expected. This necessitates the knees travel forward. Guarantee that they stay lined up with the feet. The objective is to keep the middle as upstanding as could reasonably be expected.
  • Proceed with the distance down, keeping the weight on the front of the foot sole area. Right now the upper legs contact the lower legs turn around the movement, driving the weight upward.

2. Dumbbell Lunges ( 3 sets 10 reps ):-

leg workout for beginner
  • Stand and hold a dumbbell in your hand by your both side.
  • Venture forward with your correct leg around 2 feet while keeping the middle upstanding and looking after equalization. Breathe in as you go down. Note: As in alternate activities, don’t enable your knee to go ahead past your toes as you descend, as this will put undue weight on the knee joint. Ensure that you keep your front shin opposite to the ground.
  • Using mainly the heel area of your foot, push up and return to the beginning position as you breathe out.
  • repeat the development for the prescribed measure of redundancies and afterward perform with the left leg.

3. Leg Press ( 3 sets 15 reps ):-

leg workout for beginner
  • Using a leg press machine, take a seat on the machine and place your legs on the stage straightforwardly before you at a medium (bear width) foot position.
  • Lower the safety bars holding the weighted stage set up and press the stage as far as possible up until the point when your legs are completely stretched out before you. Tip: make sure that you do not lock your knees.
  • As you breathe in, gradually bring down the platform until your upper and lower legs make a 90-degree point.
  • Pushing for the most part with the rear areas of your feet and utilizing the quadriceps return to the beginning position as you breathe out.
  • Repeat for the prescribed measure of reiterations and guarantee to bolt the self-locking pins appropriately once you are finished. You don’t need that stage falling on you completely stacked.

4. Leg Extensions ( 3 sets 12 reps ) :-

  • For this exercise, you need a leg extension machine. First, pick your weight and sit on the machine with your legs under the cushion (feet pointed forward) and the hands holding the sidebars. This will be your first position.
  • Utilizing your quadriceps, stretch out your legs to the most extreme as you breathe out. Guarantee that whatever remains of the body stays stationary on the seat. Pause a second on the contracted position.
  • Gradually lower the weight back to the first position as you breathe in, guaranteeing that you don’t go past the 90-degree point limit.
  • Repeat for the prescribed measure of times.

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