Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

When we talk about fat loss or weight loss so first thing come in our mind i.e. cardio, we do cardio in morning cardio in the evening, we think that if we do cardio we lose weight it is right, so much cardio is to lose fat but it loses muscle also. So today I told you a hack or we can say that a secret if you apply this hack so I am 100% sure that if you try this you quickly burn the fat than cardio.

quick way to burn fat

So instead of taking fast burner and any other pill that helps to reduce fat and doing more cardio what we can do that we lose fat but grow our lean muscle, so you heard about weight training. Weight training like when we do squats, bench press, shoulder press, biceps curl etc. these all are weight training. Our body uses energy from glycogen when you do weight training, cardio, cycling, swimming or when you speak also so glycogen is that source of energy which is used by our body when we do any work. so let’s know what is glycogen and its sources:-


It is a large multi-branched polymer of glucose which is accumulated in response to insulin and broken down into glucose in response to glucagon. Glycogen is mainly stored in the liver and the muscles and provides the body with a readily available source of energy if blood glucose levels decrease.

Sources Of Glycogen

Glycogen is got from the carbohydrate. so whatever carbohydrate you consume in a day it may be oats, rice, potato this is all is the sources of carbohydrate so they all have glycogen. it helps us today to day activity so there are some sources of glycogen:-

  • Fruits fresh fruits are full of simple carbohydrate in the form of fruit sugar.
  • Starchy Vegetables
  • Whole-Grain Foods
  • Daily Carbohydrate Recommendations.
quick way to burn fat

So I am going to tell you how you will reduce double faster weight loss or fat loose. when you do any type of training the primary source of your body of fuel and from where your body comes energy that is obtained from carbohydrate. when you eat carbohydrate so glycogen is stored in your body. So when we go to the gym and train our body so glycogen helps you to train harder. so I am gone to tell you which type of weight training you should to reduce fat faster.

you always do the heavy lifting – you have to do lift heavy and do max 6-8 reps if you do 8 easily so add more weight and it depends on you so the benefit of this heavy workout is all the glycogen present in your body will over. So all the source of carbohydrate you ate will over now because of heavy lifting training.

So what you will do now you have to do high interval training it means you have to do the fastest cardio, skipping and like tire pulling skipping, swimming anything.
So what happens your glycogen is over so your body uses energy when you do high interval training form your stored fat.
So when you do heavy lifting workout max 40-45 min and always do high interval training after your workout so it helps you to reduce fat double faster than other tricks.

so you can train like this you burn your fat quickly.

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