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How to Build Bigger Arms:

Bicep is an important and we can say that very attractive part of our body . everyone mostly in males want their arm bigger and in beginners also who start gym till 2-3 months mostly have problem that  they do biceps workout to grow their arm quickly  they hit 2-3 times in a week in order to grow fast but it is wrong , there are lots of things you can do to make your biceps bigger so I will told you how to increase biceps size. but the main thing is that how you do exercise your frequency and intensity and main thing is that  what you eat if you do a good intensity biceps workout and eat nothing so your workout is totally waste. We always remember that gym is only 30% and 70% is our diet. So If your goal is to build lean muscle mass in your biceps , so, there are  3 intense arm workout you can follow to get muscular big arm. and many of the beginners have problem that how to increase biceps size without supplement.or how can I increase my biceps size. 

fastest way to increase biceps

How can I bulk up my biceps?

quickest way to increase bicep sizeAlways lift proper weight (always in proper form) not too much light or nor too heavy . Feel the Pump

What is the best exercise to build up your biceps?

1.Preacher Curls:-

It is best exercise help you to fast increase the size of your biceps. 

quickest way to increase biceps size


  • first you need a preacher bench and a E-Z bar or you can take a straight bar also . we recommend E-Z bar because it is useful to lift heavy weights.So grab the E-Z curl bar at inner handle and grab it tightly with palm of your hand.
  • Slowly lower the bar until your upper arm until your arm is fully stretched and when you slowly down the car you have to breath in, it help you to lift heavy weight.
  • Contract your biceps to the curl bar ,raise towards your shoulder, until your arm is fully contacted and squeeze it hard , and hold a second to get massive pump and not forget to exhale breathe while lift.

2.Alternating dumbell biceps curls:-

It is the best exercise to grow your biceps fast some people doing it by sit on chair and some doing this in standing position  buy my personal opinion is that it effect best when you do it in standing position.


  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand and your feet distance should be similar as your shoulder width and dumbbell should be in rest at your thighlevel
  • Twist one hand weight toward a similar shoulder, keeping the another arm expanded. As you twist the weight up, somewhat the wrist so your palm is confronting you. Wait and then start from starting position position. Interchange sides on the following repetition.

quickest way to increase bicep size Do squeeze the biceps at the highest point of the lift for the massive pump.

3. Concentration Curls:-

Many of the want increase their size quickly so they search like that how to increase biceps size quickly , so there is no shortcut but if you do good workout and take good diet your size will increases. It is a great biceps workout because it invigorating the muscle fiber. so it if your muscle fiber is stimulating you have a great pump and in it help you to grow your biceps size. It is the one of my favorite exercise if you doing it in a proper form it gives you massive pump. you can use this exercise for fixing symmetry issues. because many people have problem that  left Arm is bigger than right or vice-versa . so it is also solution of this type of problems .

fastest way to grow biceps size


  •  Pic the dumbbell by your right arm and place your right arm on top of your inner right thigh . rotate the palm and place it facing forward far from your thigh Your arm ought to be stretched out at a manageable distance and the free weight ought to be over the floor. This will be your beginning postion.
  • Twist the weights forward while getting the biceps as you breathe out. Just the lower arms should move. Proceed with the development until the point that your biceps are completely contracted and the other  hand are at your  shoulder level. Press the biceps and hold the contracted position for a second.

quickest way to increase bicep sizesqueeze and hold on the contracted position for a second for a massive pump.

What should I eat to get bigger biceps?

You must eat enough protein , carbs and good fats to increase size of your biceps muscle

Do these workout twice in a week and see result

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